Looking for inspiration to get your side hustle hustlin’?

If you sitting on a business idea that you just haven’t been able to get started yet, this is the place.

Are you dreading your Monday mornings?

If your routine has gotten a little bit stale, maybe it’s time to inject a bit of something different into your life!

Then Startup Weekend is For YOU!

It’s an event for those who are curious, creative and want to step out of their usual weekend. It’s a full-on experience where you have a chance to do hands-on learning.

It begins with ideas

All attendees are welcome to pitch a business idea Friday evening. Then you choose which one interests you and get a team together. From there it’s about validation, business model and execution & design.

The teams are guided by mentors along the way so that everyone is ready to pitch the idea to a panel of judges Sunday evening.

All teams have the option to continue with the idea, or attendess can take their learnings and new contacts to go do their own thing. The event is exhilarating and exhausting but we guarantee it will give you energy to take back to your cubicle, or put into your own venture.

Get inspired by some other local Startups - including several that were created at Startup Weekend. Past winners of Taranaki Startup Weekends include a balloon-suspended sky dive, a digital permit to work system, a new buyer-interest driven approach to real estate, and a way to shout your mates a beer (even if they don’t live near you!)


This year, we have not met our target number of ticket sales, and it is with great regret that we have made the difficult decision to cancel Startup Weekend Taranaki for 2019.