It's Not Just About the Ideas

Startup Weekend isn't just about the idea that’s pitched. Yes, each team forms around an idea and spends 54 hours working on this idea but the event itself offers more than just a chance to work on the idea - really!

Startup Weekend was founded on the principle that, "Entrepreneurship is the single greatest force advancing society and human welfare." (Startup Weekend Manifesto) The founders also believe that, "Empowering others is the best way to identify leaders, build communities, and inspire change." Neither of these values highlights that the idea is the only important part of the event.


During the event, participants are surrounded by dozens of other like-minded individuals. Whether it's other coders, other designers or other entrepreneurial spirits - being immersed in this environment can only provide inspiration to those involved. Especially being surrounded by the mentors who are on board! Of course the participants are the ones who are validating, planning and prototyping but without the guidance of experienced business people, there would be something missing.

Mentors are important as they provide one-on-one advice to each team. This is a great chance for individuals to have access to the knowledge and experience that mentors can share.


“It is awesome to see the progress teams make in such a short amount of time – the participants are strangers on the Friday evening when the initial idea is pitched, and by Sunday a team is able to share a full business concept! Being a mentor is energising and incredibly rewarding! You have a real sense of pride being able to guide the teams through the process and seeing the confidence gained in only 54 hours,” says Loren Anderson, Mentor for this year’s Startup Weekend Taranaki and Business Advisor for Velocite.

Having views from professional mentors early in the development of a business can really create value in progressing the idea with more informed efforts. And many of our mentors have taken part in a Startup Weekend in the past so they have the experience of participating to share as well.

So if you're considering going to Startup Weekend but are stuck thinking you don't have an idea to pitch - don't worry about it. Look at it as a chance to hone your business skills, immerse yourself in a buzzing atmosphere and surround yourself with business experts. They don't bill it as "experiential education" for nothing.

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